Pattern-Ease Tracing Material White

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Pattern-Ease Tracing Material White. Pattern-Ease Tracing Material is a non-woven tracing material for altering, duplicating and designing patterns and crafts. Pattern-Ease is made up of 80% Polyester and 20% Cellulose. This particular item is for a full bolt of Pattern-Ease with dimensions of 46in wide x 50 Yards long. Use Pattern Ease to trace your patterns so as not to mess up the original. Tracing material can also be useful for example if you have a child's pattern and want to trace multiple sizes for different age children. Pattern Ease tracing material is strong and durable and doesn't tear easily. Therefore, the copies can be used multiple times and can last for years. Pattern-Ease can also be machine sewn. Pattern-Ease Tracing Material is a must have item for any sewers toolbox. Get a full bolt of Pattern-Ease Tracing Material at an incredible discount. Get the most out of your original patterns by tracing them onto Pattern-Ease. Patterns can be traced by a pencil, ball point pen or by any other tracing pencil found in our Tracing and Marking Section. Start saving your original patterns by trying Pattern-Ease today! By Handler Textile 3100.

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