Discount Quilt Batting

Choosing Quilt Batting
Once you understand what tools you will need for your quilting project, which batting to choose is often the next question that confronts quilters. Selection of batting is determined by several factors.

  • How often will it be washed?: This is important to know because certain batting is not suited for frequent washing. For example, polyester batting is a good choice for a quilted baby blanket or placemat as it will stand up to frequent washing and is mold and mildew resistant, while a display quilt that may never be washed is a good candidate for an adhesive bonded batting because it will not shift.  
  • Batting Loft: How thick or fluffy do you want your quilt? Batting comes in different thicknesses known as loft. Low loft batting (thin) has a thickness of a quarter inch or less that generally results in a quilt which has flatter appearance with little difference in thickness between the stitching and the rest of the quilt. Medium loft batting is between a quarter inch and a half an inch. High loft batting is thicker than a half inch and results in a fluffy quilt or comforter with a pronounced difference in height between the stitching and the rest of the quilt.
  • How you will finish your quilt: If you machine or hand quilt you will want to use a low loft or medium loft batting. If you will hand tie your quilt then you can use a high loft batting.
  • How warm do you want your quilt?: High loft battings are generally warmer than low and medium loft batting.
  • Fiber: We carry cotton batting, polyester batting, cotton/polyester blends and bamboo blend quilt batting. Cotton batting can shrink, polyester batting is usually the high loft batting and cotton/polyester blends are a nice balance between the positive features of both.
  • Quilting Distance: How far apart are your rows in you quilt pattern? What is the quilting distance? Find quilting batting with a quilt distance that closely matches your pattern.
  • Quilting-Warehouse carries packaged batting, and quilt batting by the roll.
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