Discount Quilt Batting

  • What batting should I choose, is a question new quilter's often ask. Selection of batting is determined by several factors.
  • Batting Loft: How thick do you want your quilt? Batting comes in different thicknesses called loft. Low loft batting, thickness is under a quarter inch. Medium loft batting is between a quarter inch and a half an inch. High loft batting is thicker than a half inch.
  • How you will finish your quilt: If you machine or hand quilt you will want to use a low loft or medium loft batting. If you will hand tie your quilt then you can use a high loft batting.
  • How warm do you want your quilt?: High loft battings are generally warmer than low and medium loft batting.
  • Fiber: We carry cotton batting, polyester batting, cotton/polyester blends and bamboo blend quilt batting. Cotton batting can shrink, polyester batting is usually the high loft batting and cotton/polyester blends are a nice balance between the positive features of both.
  • Quilting Distance: How far apart are your rows in you quilt pattern? What is the quilting distance? Find quilting batting with a quilt distance that closely matches your pattern.
  • Quilting-Warehouse carries packaged batting, and quilt batting by the roll.
  • Find discount cotton batting, discount polyester batting and discount cotton/polyester batting.

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