Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 4oz Snow

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint 4oz Snow. A highly opaque paint developed exclusively for fabric of all colors. Dries soft and flexible so it moves with the fabric and won't crack or crumble. Permanent and machine washable so your creativity stays intact wash after wash. Colors are mixable and can be watered down to create watercolor effects. All Soft Fabric Paints can be brushed, sponged, stenciled and stamped onto fabrics. Provides complete and even coverage with a soft and flexible finish. Paint is non-toxic and eco-friendly emitting no aerosol propellants into the air. The specially designed spray nozzle gives the consumer complete control, and the bottle contains no air so that accidental sputtering is eliminated. Spray lightly for pastel colors and heavier for more vibrant colors. Works best on white or light colored fabrics. I Love To Create FSP2 26569