Tulip Pincushion with Wood Base Nanohana-Iro

Tulip Pincushion with Wood Base Nanohana-Iro. A series of pincushions in 12 colors representing the months. All materials are produced in Japan. Nanohana-iro (the color of canola flower), which dyes the spring scenery a bright yellow, is a color indispensable to the Japanese, together with the color of cherry blossoms. As the material for the pincushion base, we have selected gentle-looking cherry wood. Giving importance to maintaining a texture and appearance unique to the natural material, we have designed the base to be comfortable to the touch. Placing the highest priority on having needles smoothly go into the pincushion, we have selected thick, high-quality cotton sheeting as cloth for the pincushion. With a very smooth and soft texture, the cloth helps you smoothly insert needles into the pincushion. Made in Japan. Tulip Needle Company THP-004e