Quilting Supplies - Interfacing

Quilting Supplies - Interfacing is a special type of material that is used to add strength to fabric. Perhaps your fabric is thin and stitching it is compromising the integrity of the fabric, interfacing can be used to add strength to your thin fabric. Interfacing is also used to add stiffness, for example in collars for shirts, or hems for dresses and jackets. Or for inside a tie. Quilters tend to use interfacing to add strenght, stability, manageability and longevity to their quilt projects. Interfacing comes in several interfacing types such as nonwoven interfacing, woven interfacing, knit interfacing, weft-inserted interfacing, fleece interfacing, and combo interfacing/stabilizer/fusible web products. Find the interfacing you need for your quilting or sewing project here at Quilting-Warehouse!