Sewing Thread Storage

It's amazing how fast a collection of sewing thread can grow. You may purchase several spools of thread for one project alone. How do you organize your sewing thread? Here at we have quite a few sewing thread storage options. First we have the sewing thread racks. Three of these thread racks are from June Tailor. They are wood and depending on the model can accommodate 60 to 120 spools and the third model is a cone thread rack that can accommodate 33 cones. We also carry the very popular Stack'n Stitch thread tower by Nancy Zieman. This sewing thread holder can hold multiple size spools and there is a guide at the top of the thread tower so u can go directly from the tower to the machine. If you want your thread enclosed, we carry plastic sewing thread storage containers from Creative Options and from Art Bin. Organize your thread with one of our discount sewing thread storage options.