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Quilting Warehouse provides first quality sewing and quilting supplies at unbeatable discounts.

Our Company

Welcome to Quilting-Warehouse.com! Quilting-Warehouse is an online quilting supply and sewing supply warehouse. We were a division of Beverly Fabrics Inc., a family owned and operated business. Just recently, at the end of September 2018 Beverly's sold the website to CM Digital Enterprises LLC, a company formed by their former employee who had worked on these websites for the past 13 years.

Online stores include Knitting-Warehouse.com, Scrapbooking-Warehouse.com and Quilting-Warehouse.com. These stores each operate independently - all orders, customer support, and merchandise returns must be handled by the individual online stores.

Quilting Warehouse is commited to providing the largest possible selection of brand name, first quality Quilting and sewing products available, with superlative customer service and the lowest possible prices on the web. We value our customers, and will do everything we can to ensure that you have an excellent experience shopping with us, and that you will be satisfied with your purchases. If you have ideas about how we can improve - contact us!

Our Guarantee
Complete satisfaction is not only a guarantee, it's our policy. If you do not feel that your purchase has lived up to your expectations, you have 30 days from the time of receipt to return it. We will gladly exchange or replace the item, or refund the purchase price.

Our Privacy Policy
Quilting Warehouse is committed to maintaining positive customer relationships, and we do not share or distribute information about our customers. Please see our complete Privacy Policy

Thank you for your support and for shopping at Quilting-Warehouse.com!