Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash Lavender Gallon Jug

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Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash Lavender Gallon Jug. Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash is a no-rinse fine fabric wash that comes in the following four scents, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender and Natural, Unscented, each sold separately. This item is for a gallon jug of Lavender Fabric Wash. Eucalan is a non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free, petro-chemical free, has a natural lanolin enriched formula, comes in a recyclable hdpe plastic bottle, and is an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. Eucalan also conditions fibers while protecting against moths. Ideal for hand washing or machine washing with a wonderful fresh scent. No rinsing provides for less stress on fibers and Eucalan is environmentally safe. Contains lanolin a natural dust mite deterrent and anti-static. Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash Lavender Gallon Jug has natural moth and flea inhibiting properties, natural antiseptic properties, is calming, relaxing and uplifting, containing natural essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrance. The Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash Lavender Gallon Jug is excellent to use for wool and other natural fibers. It is also good for synthetic fibers too. Use it before storing garments away for a period of time. It is great for washing pets, their bedding, or blankets because of it's natural flea inhibiting properties. It is excellent for lingerie or sports wear and it has a nice scent for baby items, like toys, blankets and bedding. Try Eucalan wash and see why this product keeps flying off our shelves. EUCALAN 45452

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