Fiskars Ruler Connector Set 3pcs

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Fiskars Ruler Connector Set 3pcs. Double your cutting length with an easy-to-use, all-in-one, 3-piece Ruler Connector Set. The smart design acrylic ruler connector bridges and holds together two acrylic rulers of any size for accurate, longer cuts. Its retractable alignment guide helps square up rulers for a smooth, clean cutting edge, and folds up, out of the way, to allow for cutting on all sides. Pressing down on the tension handle not only ensures a tight grip between rulers, but serves as a comfortable hand rest while cutting. The set comes with two durable, clear acrylic rulers (6.5X6.5 and 6.5X24.5) with easy-to-read measurements, for quick, error-free cuts. Fiskars 13206001

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