Heavy Duty Staple Gun 7/16in

Heavy Duty Staple Gun 7/16inUse to attach fabric to furniture, cornice boards and other home decor projects. Works on hardwoods, furniture frames and dry wall. Use Dritz Home #9053 heavy duty staples. Remove any undesired staples with metal tip at back of staple gun. CAUTION - Keep away from children. Always wear safety glasses when using this tool. Never point staple gun toward face.

Instructions: To Load Staples, push in plunger at back of staple gun, then pull down and pull out. Place staple strip in channel with staple points down. Replace plunger by sliding in completely. Push up to lock in place. To Adjust Tension, turn knob on top of gun clockwise to increase tension and counter-clockwise to decrease tension. More tension is needed for heavier materials. To Use, position front end of gun over area to be stapled. Keep staple gun as flat as possible so staples enter at full right angle. Apply pressure and hold firmly in place while squeezing handle. To Lock, remove staples first. Point staple gun away from body and squeeze handle until closed, swing metal loop over handle. DRITZ 9052