High Density Urethane Foam Sheet White

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High Density Urethane Foam Sheet White. AirLite foam that is white is regular density (.08 pounds per cubic fo ot). AirLite foam that is green is high density (1.5 pounds per cubic foot). Regular density is not fire retardant, High density is furniture quality fire retardant foam. The regular density is photo sensitive which means it may change from white to yellow when exposed to bright sunlight, this will not affect the quality and durability of the foam. Foam is pressure wrapped and will return to its original depth about an hour after it is unrolled. Use for upholstery/re-upholstery for indoor and outdoor furniture boats campers and more. For construction of padded cornice boards baby bumpers, yoga mats, temporary sleeping mats and craft projects. Foam can be easily cut with scissors and can be glued with most glues. 1/2inX24inX60ft. AIR LITE F524

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