Leisure Arts Best Of Fons & Porter: Easy Quilts

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Leisure Arts Best Of Fons & Porter: Easy Quilts. In today's busy world, easy quilts make it possible for people to satisfy their passion for quilting. This big collection offers 31 quilts that can be made in a weekend or less, using the best patterns from Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts magazine. Simplified patchwork, larger blocks, strip-sets, and other shortcuts make it all possible without sacrificing beauty. While they are a perfect starting point for beginners, easy quilts also are a frequent choice for experienced quilters who enjoy a project that is quick to finish. Each quilt is shown in a lifestyle photograph and an assembly diagram, accompanied by a complete materials list and step-by-step instructions. Some also feature extra help from Fons and Porter's popular Sew Easy lessons. Leisure Arts LA-5560

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