Magni-Clips Magnifiers +3.00 Magnification

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Magni-Clips Magnifiers +3.00 Magnification. Extend your crafting time by giving your eyes a little help. Magni-clips are effective for many tasks: for people who need to focus at an intermediate distance (such as needlework), for people who want to view close-up (such as needle tatting or taking out a splinter) and even for non-glasses wearers who want a little more magnification when working or reading outdoors. Also supplements the work bi-focal and tri-focal glasses are doing. The shorter the focal distance desired by the wearer, the stronger the magnification needed. People may choose to have several pairs depending on the distance with which they want to work the task at hand. Clip is positionable for placement over front of eye or over the lower eye (for desktop work). Rubber pads prevent harm to the surface of the wearer's glasses. K1C2 SOLUTIONS MC300

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