Maternity Panel Black

Maternity Panel Black. For new garments follow pattern instructions. Instructions to convert regular garments to maternity garments. 1.Open 9 to 10 inch of side seams. To open waistband - remove 2 to 3 inch of inside stitches from side seams toward back. 2.Align top edge of maternity panel with top fold edge of garment waistband. Pin maternity panel to garment at side seams and across bottom of maternity panel(A). Cut away front of garment 1-1/4 inch above bottom of maternity paned. Remove pins. 3.With right side together - pin lower edge of maternity panel to garment front. If necessary - ease in panel - stitch 5/8 inch seam(B). 4.Pin and stitch side seams. 5.Slip elastic tails into waistband and double stitch to inside of waistband. Re-Stitch waistband(C). 9-1/2inX22in. DRITZ 56696-1