Soft Flex Iron-On Metallic Alphabet Gold

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Soft Flex Iron-On Metallic Alphabet Gold This package contains five 6x3-1/4in sheets of forty-one 1-1/4in uppercase alphabet and complete instructions. Available in silver and gold: each sold separately. Imported. Not recommended for 100% synthetic fabrics. 1. Prewash fabric WITHOUT fabric softener. 2. Heat DRY iron to cotton setting. 3. Place clear sheet on surface with the adhesive side down. 4. Cover with a cloth and gently press for 15 to 20 seconds. 5. Carefully remove clear sheet while still hot, do not let cool. NOTE When removing sheet, if transfer "lifts" place sheet back down and re-press. CARE: 1. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle. 2. Line dry. 3. Do not bleach or dry clean. 4. Do not iron directly onto transfer after application. Iron garment from inside out. Dritz SF152-70

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