Sulky Slimline Cotton Dream Assortment Size 12 Cotton

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UPC: 727072886065

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Sulky Slimline Cotton Dream Assortment Size 12 Cotton. This assortment contains sixty-four of Sulky's most popular 330 yards spools of 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton 12wt thread that features a matte finish, strong, for use by machine and hand, machine washable, dry cleanable and a super convenient molded plastic transparent carry/storage case measuring 15x14-1/2x3in with a variety of storage options: closed, partially open on a table/counter top or fully open and mounted on the wall: the choice is all yours. Made in USA. Assortment contains 64 popular 12 weight cotton 330 yards of King Size solid colors. Sulky 886-06 727072886065

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