Warm and White Cotton Batting Queen Size 90in x 40 Yd Bolt

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Warm and White Cotton Batting Queen Size 90in x 40 Yd Bolt.Just like Warm and Natural, but in white! Warm and White cotton batting is needlepunched to give your quilt the texture you love without glues or resins. 100% cotton fibers are punched with hundreds of needles into a strong, thin base material to prevent tearing, shifting or migration. The needling process holds the fibers together without glue or resins. Quilts up to 10in between rows. The evenly layered fibers stay in place inside your quilt even with generations of washings. By Warm Company 2531.

The tiny plant particles that remain lend a special look to crafts when used as an exterior fabric and will not damage your fabric when used in your quilt. Shrinkage will be about 3% with your first washing. Many quilters prefer not to pre-wash to achieve the unique effect created by the slight shrinkage of the batting when the completed quilt is washed. Please follow these directions if you wish to pre-wash your batt:

1. Hand wash in a basin or tub with a mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in your washing machine.
2. Soak for 20 minutes, then rinse several times.
3. Squeeze water out. Rolling in a towel will help to remove excess water.
4. Dry in a cool or warm dryer or allow to dry flat.
Once quilted Warm and Natural cotton batting can be machine washed again and again without fear of separation or bunching.

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